Metabolic Fitness & Weight Loss Program


Metabolic Fitness and Weight Loss

Lifestyle Training Program

Functional medicine is patient-centered versus disease-centered. At Shape Aesthetics + Wellness, we are focused on the interconnections of the body’s systems rather than organ-specific disease. Understanding the origin of the person’s altered physiological, physical, cognitive, and emotional functions rather than focusing primarily on the diagnosis.

Our Metabolic Fitness & Weight Loss Program starts with a Functional Medicine Consultation, a Personalized Program, and documented progress through photos and measurements.

Metabolic Fitness & Weight Loss Program

Functional Medicine Consultation

  • Current and Past Medical History
  • Family History
  • Social History
  • Symptoms & Current Complaints
  • Medications & Supplements Review
  • Current Lab Work Review
  • Health Goals
  • Weight Loss Goals

Metabolic Fitness & Weight Loss Program

The Program

  • Peptide Therapy
  • Week by Week Plan & Coaching
  • Inflammation-Free Diet Platform
  • Nutritional Partitioning
  • Supplement Support
  • IV Therapy
  • IM/SQ Nutritional Therapy

Metabolic Fitness & Weight Loss Program

Photos, Measurements, Resources & Education

  • Monthly Fit3D scans
  • Lab Work and Specialty Lab options
  • Resources, Education and Close Follow-Up

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