Patty gave me a great ‘road map’ during my consultation and within 48 hours of my first treatment, I was looking years younger, healthier and rested. 

Sara B., Shape customer

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Experience the difference

Many people experience hesitations before visiting a med-spa for the first time. Find out what sets Shape apart.

Focus on whole-body wellness

We create a comprehensive plan for every patient that combines aesthetics and wellness. 

Combine aesthetics, weight-loss and nutrition planning

Get better results by combining in-office treatment with lifestyle changes.

Decades of experience

Shape is a leading provider of prescription weight loss services.


Shape Aesthetics + Wellness is a full-service med-spa.

We combine whole-body wellness, nutrition and aesthetics to help reveal your best health.



A platform of complementary treatments and products to address your concerns in a structured and cost-conscious approach. Education on the services we choose to facilitate healing, minimize complications, and assure satisfaction. Our providers strive to develop relationships with their clients to maintain and replenish your treatments and get to know your skin and how it responds to the technology for years to come.

Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

Our Functional Medicine approaches focus on optimal internal health, expressed as bright skin, standard body systems, average weight, calm and positive mental health, freedom from chronic disease, and robust physical and intimate well-being.

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Meet with the team.

The Shape team has decades of combined experience, and we’re ready to help you get started.


Form a personalized treatment plan.

Our treatment plans are always personalized, to make sure you receive the best treatment for your desired results.


Discover your best health.

Follow up with us, so you can stay on track and discover your best health.


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SHAPE Aesthetics + Wellness combines whole-body wellness, nutrition and aesthetics to help reveal your best health.


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